Just because you’re studying remotely doesn’t mean you have to study alone.

Get inspired and study better with the new notes-sharing platform for students: introducing the GoodNotes Community.

The GoodNotes Community: Learn from the best study notes shared by other students

What can you do on the GoodNotes Community?

When you’re studying but need some inspiration to get started, not sure if you’ve covered everything on a topic, or when you need to double-check that your notes are right — that’s when you can tap into the GoodNotes Community.

  1. Browse relevant study material other students have shared, to fill the gaps in your knowledge.
  2. Like, comment, and save notes you want to return to, to keep track of the most…

In our previous post, we discussed about the importance of having a Design System to enhance consistency in the design of our apps, improving the discovery and adoption of new features. We also looked at colors in our design system and how we customized Style Dictionary to deal with light and dark mode variants for each color, and have a nice API to use colors as extensions to UIColor.

In this post, we are going to focus on typography and how we can customize it, without losing the ability to adapt it for accessibility.

Dynamic type sizes and weights for our application typography

Dynamic Type

Dynamic Types in iOS are semantic…

Looking for digital stickers to use in GoodNotes?

Whether you’re decorating a digital planner or bullet journal, or just want to add a bit of joy to your lecture notes, you’ll know that there is no shortage of what you can do when armed with digital stickers in GoodNotes.

We’ve gone ahead and rounded up some free and premium digital stickers to get you started!

But first…

How to Use Digital Stickers in GoodNotes

We recently unveiled the new Elements Tool, which allows you to save and reinsert images, handwriting and basically anything all across your notes, making it a perfect tool to manage your stickers.


Nathan joined GoodNotes 8 months ago as one of our software engineers, after being referred by a friend. While he started out working on backend projects, he’s now migrated to the Data Platform team, where he works on a cross-functional team to build our internal analytics platform.

Here’s what he gets up to during a typical day in GoodNotes’ Hong Kong office.


I arrive between 9:50am to 10am in the morning. The first thing I do is check updates in my email, Quip, Notion and Slack.


I’m currently working on the Data Platform team, and every day at…

An important aspect to the success of an application is how it looks, and how easy it is to use. These two aspects are what we call UI/UX, and they are not easy to get right, even though, fortunately, the iOS frameworks already give us a very good result with default components.

Consistency is key to achieve a good UI/UX in an app. From a user’s perspective, it is paramount that things that are the same, look the same, and are used the same. This helps them relate knowledge from previous features in your app, or in the system, and…

For quite a long time, you have been able to read our stories about how GoodNotes can help you improve your productivity by going paperless, or about our company culture and how we aim to have a nice work-life balance.

We love sharing these experiences with you and hearing your feedback! And we like it so much that we have decided to take a step further and share something more with you.

This is the first post in our Engineering Blog!

Here, you will find how our GoodEngineers build the internals of our product. With this blog, we aim to…

Say goodbye to copying and pasting from notebook to notebook, or redrawing the same diagrams each time, and say hello to the new Elements Tool.

From sticky notes, shapes, handwritten formulas, to decorative stickers, and more, it’s now easier than ever to insert frequently used objects into different notes again and again.

Anything you draw, write, or add into your notes can be saved with the Elements tool to be easily used again

Instead of endless copying and pasting, you can save any object with the Elements tool and re-insert it into another document, including:

  • Stickers, stamps, and images
  • Handwriting, like mathematical formulas or calligraphy
  • Textboxes
  • Diagrams, like graphs, shapes, and chemical equations

How to add and save new elements

Elements are saved into collections, which organize…

10 years ago today, on April 12, 2011 GoodNotes was first launched on the Apple App Store 🚀

Today, it’s an honor to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, joined by millions of students, avid notetakers, digital planning enthusiasts and creative individuals jotting down their thoughts on our digital paper.

Thank you for a great 10 years

Over the past 10 years we’ve grown into consistently one of the top-ranking iPad apps worldwide, a household name within student communities, and are considered a must-have app on the iPad.

We couldn’t have arrived here without the support of the most engaged, creative, and all-round incredible user community.

As of today, there are:

Leo (left) and Rodney (right) discussing intently the poses that can best reflect their design principles in the following photos.

Design processes can look starkly different from one company to another.

So, since we’re opening several positions on our own design team this year, we thought we’d break the ice by answering some frequently asked questions (in hopes of enticing you to join us!).

Rodney joined GoodNotes 4 years ago as our first product designer, and spearheaded our app redesign (introducing the blue toolbar we’re known for!) in conjunction with solidifying our now iconic visual brand. …

Are you making the most of your flashcard study sessions?

Picture this: two people are struggling to retain some math formulas that they’ll be tested on in a few months.

They have two different approaches to using flashcards:

Person A repeats the deck of flashcards over and over until they get every question right and then stops.

Person B studies the cards with a “timer” that reminds them when to study over the next few weeks.

On the day of the test, which person do you think would do better?

The “spacing effect” would tell us that Person B has…


We’re the makers of GoodNotes for iOS and Mac. We help people to leave paper behind, take digital handwritten notes, and annotate and manage their documents.

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